UPCOMING! The Letter Project - May 14th

A post-graduation project! YES!

After my thesis show, I’ll be doing another version of the project, The Things I Cannot Say, but on a larger scale.

This new version will be called The Letter Project. I’ll be making handmade envelopes and setting up a letter writing station for those who have lost loved ones to AIDS, and for those who are affected by the disease whether they have it themselves, or they know someone who does. Throughout the event, the letters, sealed shut, will pile up and accumulate on the table speaking to the sheer mass of people who have been affected.  Over 700 people in the Greensboro community alone have lost their lives to AIDS; these names will be recited softly from a hidden speaker in a wooden keepsake box placed on the table. (The Dining For Friends of the Triad Health Project of Greensboro, NC are sponsoring this installation at the Weatherspoon Art Museum). 

I'll post photos soon! For now, I'm busy making envelopes...!