Remember This

Lately I’ve been obsessed with post its. 

Post Its:

-To mark importance

-To go back to

-To remember

-To keep tabs


I’ve also been obsessed with the sky. Ever since I went to Italy, my mind has been in the clouds and the never ending blue. I tried to find the most perfect sky blue post its, but it turns out, they don’t exist. So, I’ve been making my own by hand. When they’re assembled all together on a wall, they are arranged in a humble grid, stretching in a rectangle like a landscape painting. Upon closer look, the small text can be seen floating in the blue, much like how thoughts float when you daydream. One minute they’re there, and the next, they leave you and head for the sky. I've also been playing around with placing them in public places such as bus stops, grocery store check out aisles, on the inside cover of magazines, bulletin boards, telephone poles, and coffee shops.  

The writing came about because of all the world events happening lately. After the Paris terrorist attacks, I felt low, deeply saddened and small. How can I make a difference? I also felt selfish—people all over the world are fearing for their safety and lives, and here I am in my nice apartment whining about not having a genius, creative idea for an art project. It was a wake up call. That’s how the writing on the post its came about. I started writing anything and everything that popped into my head. It felt good to write (as it always does). I’ve always struggled with how to incorporate my writing into my art. The post its are giving me permission to dismiss this struggle and constant validation. I guess all I can do, all any artist can do, is just keep making. So, I’ll keep thinking about post its and the sky.